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Web applications for Katowice companies

Web applications for Katowice enterprises are an effective way to attract new customers, engage existing ones or increase work efficiency. Experienced specialists from Develos will prepare, test and implement scalable, secure software tailored to your company.

Our strengths

Modern technologies
Take advantage of the latest solutions. We use the power of React and Vuejs, providing interactive and modern solutions based on the most popular front-end technologies
Light Client
This is our original combination of modern technologies with a minimalist approach. A ready-made ecosystem providing custom solutions to improve project start-up.
Continuous Deployment
We deliver our applications using Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration. Everything is hosted using Kubernetes and deployed using Octopus.
Mobile Web Apps
We specialize in creating mobile applications using React Native. We will adapt your project to a mobile style and create native parts in iOS and Android

Web applications in Katowice – why is it worth creating them?

As the years go by, customers demand more and more interactivity from company websites. Static websites where you can only read information about the companys offer and check its contact details do not meet the requirements of modern recipients.

A high-quality web application for a company from Katowice may mean greater interest in the products or services offered, building the position of a pioneer in the industry and getting ahead of the competition.

Common types of online applications include financial applications, reservation applications (for example, allowing you to book an appointment or a meeting without making an appointment by phone) and shopping applications. Customer software isnt the only option available.

Dedicated web software for employees is also worth considering. It can be used to manage resources or customer relationships, solve problems, facilitate cooperation between departments, and more. There are many more possibilities available - it all depends on the needs of a given company.

Advantages of web applications for Katowice companies

It is not without reason that web applications are becoming more and more popular among companies from Katowice. First of all, this type of software is extremely universal. It does not require downloading files to the device or installing it. It will work in connection with any operating system and device, as long as it allows the use of a web browser. Therefore, it can be an alternative to a mobile or desktop application (or be a complement to this type of software).

The well-prepared web application of the Katowice company is characterized by scalability. In practice, this means that it is easy to develop it, add further functionalities and respond to user needs on an ongoing basis. This is especially important if the company wants to start with a relatively small application (for example due to budget constraints) and then systematically expand it.

Adapt Technology to Your Business

The Internet is not just a trend, it is a necessity. Find out how web applications build a modern company image, streamline operations and facilitate the achievement of business goals.

Web applications for Katowice companies - what threats are associated with them?

Having your own web application for Katowice companies is a great opportunity, but at the same time it carries certain threats. In particular, if the software processes user data (mainly personal and payment data ).

In order not to be exposed to negative image and potentially financial consequences (for example in the event of a data leak), the company must ensure a high technical level of the application and ensure an appropriate security standard.

How to do it? Just entrust the preparation of the application to qualified specialists who will ensure that it meets all industry standards and will be both intuitive, efficient and safe.

How are web applications created for Katowice companies?

At Develos we place great emphasis on the transparency of the process of creating web applications for Katowice companies (and not only). Providing the client with control over every stage of the project implementation translates into satisfaction with the result and full compliance of the final product with the companys vision.

Before we start working on the application, we always first collect a list of the clients needs and requirements, and then prepare a preliminary prototype based on this. This solution allows you to introduce any changes to the design documentation early enough to avoid wasting time on functionalities that will not appear in the final version.

When all formalities are finalized, we will move on to implementing, testing and deploying the application (with or without the application hosting service, depending on the clients needs). Regular status meetings, as well as monitoring the test platform, guarantee the client the ability to monitor the progress of work.

Our offer does not end with creating web applications for Katowice enterprises. We provide technical support and assistance in further software development, as well as modify and improve existing applications prepared by other teams.

What company should I commission to create a web application in Katowice?

It is not worth outsourcing the creation (or development or support) of a webapp in Katowice or any other city at random. In such a case, there is a risk that the software will not be created on time or will be full of errors that will translate into a negative reception of the application by users.

A much safer solution is to choose a reliable company with many years of experience and an extensive portfolio. The Develos team has already completed many projects - from small to extremely complex and demanding, for companies from various industries. It consists of numerous specialists with various skills, which allows us to respond to the needs of even the most demanding customers. We know perfectly well the best and most popular technologies and methodologies, including React, Vue Js and Mongo.

We can create an application according to the specifications specified by the client, but we are also happy to help companies that have an idea for software but do not know how best to implement it in determining all the details.

Web applications for Katowice companies - implementation cost

Internet applications of Katowice companies are extremely diverse. Some entrepreneurs choose simple but useful software, others invest in advanced applications that meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Therefore, the cost of project implementation is not equal for each project. Please contact us for a quote. We approach each client individually, taking into account, among others, factors such as the type of application and the functionalities it is to offer. In addition to settlement on a fixed-price basis, we also offer outsourcing of the team (e.g. for tasks related towith technical support) and body leasing of individual experts.

Technology stack

See what technological web-stack we work with most oftens

Best quality of collaboration comes from personalized approach and perfect understanding of other party. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us, so we can better understand your needs and present adequate offer for our services.

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