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Custom-made applications will allow you to fully tailor the functions and appearance of the software to your company`s needs. Develos specialists will create them for you quickly, effectively and using the best, state-of-the-art technologies!>

Our strengths

Turnkey projects
Each application we create goes through a comprehensive construction process. After thoroughly understanding the requirements, we develop a concept, propose an architecture, and after its approval, we start creating the project.
We operate globally
Our experienced company specializes in a variety of projects, offering comprehensive services to clients on a global scale - from the domestic market to the Scandinavian countries and the United States.
Transparent status
We know that progress is crucial. We provide continuous access to detailed information regarding the current stages of the project, which not only strengthens but also tightens our relationships, based on full transparency.
Support and service
We understand that the production release process does not mean the end of work. That`s why we provide technical support and comprehensive care for your solution for as long as you need us.

Custom-made applications – who will they be useful for?

Custom applications are currently very popular. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is a good option for companies that do not have the resources to create their own application and directly manage IT projects.

Many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, cannot afford to maintain an entire IT department. Alternatively, there is no need for it, because they only have greater needs related to IT solutions occasionally.

Even in large companies, delegating custom application development is often used as it can save time and simplify company processes and structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of custom applications

Creating custom applications by an external company is a way to save money and speed up the entire process. If a company wanted to create the software itself and does not yet have the necessary team, it would have to spend a lot of time and money on recruiting and onboarding new employees. The support of the entire team of experts allows you to start your project quickly.

Choosing a trusted, experienced contractor guarantees the security of web and other applications (including the implementation of solutions protecting user data), and also allows you to fully use the potential of new technologies.

The disadvantage of custom-made applications is the lack of direct supervision over the project. However, certain solutions allow you to minimize the associated risk. At Develos, we make sure to conduct regular status meetings to discuss the progress of work, and we also give the client access to the testing platform, so they can see the current status of the application with their own eyes.

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Creating custom applications - step by step

Cooperation with Develos in the field of custom application development always begins with a conversation during which the client presents his needs, requirements and possibilities. Then, based on the collected information, a valuation of the web, desktop or mobile application is carried out.

First, we create a prototype, and only after its acceptance by the client do we start the actual work. This includes implementation, testing and deployment of software, and, if necessary, also hosting customized applications and providing ongoing technical support.

For which systems can a custom application be created?

Custom applications can come in many forms. Web applications, i.e. available from a web browser, are currently very popular due to their universality. They can be run on almost any device and system with Internet access.

But that`s not all. Many companies also use mobile applications, including primarily custom-made Android applications, as well as solutions for iOS. Year by year, there are increasing expectations that all matters can be conveniently handled using a smartphone, with software adapted to it, without having to reach for a laptop or computer.

The popularity of custom-made mobile applications (and web applications) does not mean that more classic software is no longer being created, which is ahead of the rapid development of cloud technology, i.e. desktop applications. They also still have their uses.

How much does a custom application cost?

The exact cost of a custom application varies depending on the circumstances, so it is difficult to find two examples of software that would cost the same to make.

When determining the implementation cost, software companies pay attention to, among others: for the selected platform (whether it is about creation of custom-made mobile applications or web or desktop applications, and what exactly the system is), the scale of the software and the functions it should have.

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