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Web application testing

Web application testing - manual and automatic. Comprehensive support in ensuring the quality and stability of the application. Develos testers will ensure that any errors are detected quickly and effectively, so that the software can be put into use as soon as possible.

Our strengths

Comprehensive Performance Tests
We specialize in thorough performance testing, ensuring applications run smoothly under high load.
Advanced Security Tests
We focus on security testing, identifying and minimizing potential vulnerabilities, ensuring maximum data protection.
Usability and UX Tests
We test applications for intuitiveness and ease of use, ensuring a great experience for the end user.
Fast Adaptation and Integration
Ability to quickly adapt and integrate with various IT environments, ensuring efficiency and compatibility of tested applications.

Why is testing web applications necessary?

Web application tests are an integral part of the process of their creation and subsequent development. Even the most experienced developers and other specialists can make mistakes when building applications. In particular, if they create innovative or very advanced functionalities and solutions.

The appearance of errors is therefore completely natural. However, it is crucial to recognize them quickly and efficiently and then eliminate them, which requires professional web application testing. Otherwise, there is a risk that some functions (or even the entire application) will not work properly or at all, which may cause users to stop using the application and have a negative perception of the company.

A similar rule applies to other types of applications (desktop, mobile). Develos provides professional assistance in creating, testing, modifying and developing various types of applications and dedicated solutions, not only internet ones.

Who is responsible for testing web applications?

Web application testing should be performed by experts who know how to search, verify and report errors in the application so that it can be improved as quickly as possible.

The Develos team includes both experienced testers and, among others, programmers whose task is to prepare appropriate automatic tests. Thanks to this, we are able to efficiently and effectively carry out even very extensive and demanding tests.

How much do web application tests cost?

The exact cost of web application testing depends on many factors, including the type of testing (manual, automated) and the scope of the task. Develos offers the services of qualified testers, so you can be sure that the tests will be carried out in accordance with all industry standards.

The scope of tests and other terms of cooperation are always agreed individually to fully meet the needs and expectations of the company.

Fast and accurate testing of web applications and more.

An experienced team, attractive terms of cooperation and individual approach. Trust the specialists from Develos and eliminate errors from your application.

Testing web applications in practice

Testing web applications in practice is a key stage that ensures not only high quality of the software, but also certainty regarding security and functionality. Our testing practice is based on advanced analysis methods, unit, integration and performance testing.

How to test web applications?

An exhaustive examination of web application security is an effective way to detect irregularities in the code or existing processes. If you want to ensure that everything is done correctly, it is best to have experts handle it. < /p>

An experienced, qualified team of Develos conducts a detailed security audit of web applications to assess whether the application complies with best practices and regulations industry.

Another important element is resistance to attacks. We perform intensive security tests of web applications and simulate various threat scenarios to understand how the application copes with potential cyber attacks.

These tests help us identify potential security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. We also evaluate how quickly and effectively the application can identify and respond to threats before they become large.

What are manual tests of a web application?

Manual tests of the web application are performed manually, without the use of work automation programs, by qualified software testers. They involve systematic and thorough verification of the correct operation of the entire application and its individual functions, usually according to a specific scenario.

As part of their work, testers simulate how the application could be used by its target audience. Manual testing of a web application (internet) allows you to find barriers in the proper use of the application that the user may actually encounter.

It also allows you to detect irregularities and non-optimal solutions in the interface. While taste is a personal matter, certain aspects (e.g. lack of symmetry or illegibility of individual elements, difficulties in navigation) of the website design may be subject to objective assessment.

How do automatic tests of a web application work?

Automated tests are based on tools for testing web applications, or rather dedicated scripts written by developers for a given application.

As their name suggests, after preparing the appropriate code, the tests are fully automated, which means they can be reused (iterated) as needed.

Automated tests of web applications allow you to quickly and accurately verify the software for irregularities included in the script and compare the obtained values with the expected ones.

They are also characterized by ease and speed of reporting and the ability to easily recreate the test course. They are carried out under the supervision of qualified specialists, which ensures a trouble-free course of the entire process and the reliability of the results obtained.

Manual and automatic tests of web applications - which to choose?

Due to their nature, properly prepared and conducted automatic tests of a web application exclude the occurrence of human error, for example related to the testers fatigue or poor well-being. On the other hand, their scope is limited to variables that have been placed in the script by the developer and therefore may not capture all application problems.

On the other hand, manual tests of web applications, although they usually use previously prepared operating patterns, also allow for detecting other errors than those expected. Their implementation time may also be shorter as they do not require the development of dedicated scripts. However, they involve the risk of human errors and cannot be iterated as quickly as in the case of automated tests - they need to be made from scratch if they need to be repeated.

There are also some forms of testing that cannot be performed in a certain way or would be highly inappropriatepractical. For example, application load tests (verifying its operation with a large number of active users) are performed using automatic methods. In turn, tests related to UX (user experience) and UI (interface) are generally carried out manually, as they largely concern the visual layer, which is difficult to evaluate and verify in an automated manner.

Whether it is better to use manual tests, automatic tests, or both solutions (which is typical especially for larger projects, but is also necessary for smaller ones) will depend on the details of the project. Contact us and we will review the circumstances and advise you on what web application testing should look like in a given case.

Testing web applications - what next?

The testing of web applications is only the first step to ensuring their full functionality. The detected errors must then be repaired and then checked whether the defect has actually been removed and whether everything is now working as it should be.

The outsourcing IT services we offer may include not only testing itself, but also, among others: technical support, assistance in expanding the application with additional functions or broadly understood consulting. An individual approach is the basis for us - regardless of the end result you want to achieve, we will certainly find the optimal solution.

A wide team of specialists includes testers and developers, as well as software engineers, system architects and scrum masters. Cooperation with experienced graphic designers and UI/UX experts ensures high quality of the application, both in terms of backend and frontend.

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