Web applications for companies in Łódź

Web applications for companies in Łódź - quick implementation using the best technologies. Enter a higher level of customer service or increase work efficiency thanks to safe and scalable software prepared by experienced Develos specialists.

Our strengths

Modern technologies
Take advantage of the latest solutions. We use the power of React and Vuejs, providing interactive and modern solutions based on the most popular front-end technologies
Light Client
This is our original combination of modern technologies with a minimalist approach. A ready-made ecosystem providing custom solutions to improve project start-up.
Continuous Deployment
We deliver our applications using Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration. Everything is hosted using Kubernetes and deployed using Octopus.
Mobile Web Apps
We specialize in creating mobile applications using React Native. We will adapt your project to a mobile style and create native parts in iOS and Android

What does the process of creating web applications in Łódź look like?

Although each web application for a company in Łódź is different, the process of its creation always consists of at least several key stages that should not be omitted. The first one includes the needs analysis client and agreeing on the details of cooperation.

At Develos, we emphasize transparency of implementation conditions and open communication, including explaining even the most complex technical aspects in an accessible way. When everything is agreed, we develop an initial prototype and give the client the opportunity to report any changes and corrections.

The next steps are working on the application, then testing it, implementing it and, if the customer reports such a need, further development. Thanks to regular status meetings and access to a special testing platform, the client does not have to wonder what the software looks like at individual implementation stages.

Creating a completely new application is just one of the available options. We are also happy to help companies in Łódź that have ready-made web applications created internally or by external contractors. Depending on your needs, we can, among other things, improve the technical condition of the software, modify the available functions or expand them with additional solutions.

What can web applications be useful for companies in Łódź?

A modern web application for a company in Łódź can perform many tasks, depending on the industry, the companys offer or what effects you want to achieve with it. Among the most common applications web-based websites include software for booking (rooms, tables), arranging visits and meetings, or ordering food.

In addition to customer-facing applications, many enterprises also implement software for internal use, for example for customer relationship and resource management, accounting, support or teamwork. Some companies decide to create dedicated solutions for their business partners (for example, suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products).

Modern technology offers enormous opportunities and is constantly developing, which opens new paths for ambitious entrepreneurs. Web applications of Lodz companies can be relatively simple (and at the same time useful and profitable) software, but also advanced solutions that offer more than many desktop applications. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Who should you commission to create web applications in Łódź?

How well webapps for companies in Łódź will fulfill their task, e.g. make it easier for customers to make purchases, depends on the quality of their workmanship. Therefore, it is not worth going take shortcuts and choose a company that will complete the project on time and in accordance with the agreed technical specifications.

By entrusting the creation of your dream application to Develos, you can be sure that it will be in good hands. Our experienced team consists of experts with various specialties, from programmers, through scrum masters, to testers.

We perfectly know such popular and valued technologies as C#, React, Vue Js, MS SQL and Mongo, which allows us to implement even the most advanced and demanding projects. We do not require the client to independently determine the optimal technologies for the project. We are happy to help you choose the right solutions.

Adapt Technology to Your Business

The Internet is not just a trend, it is a necessity. Find out how web applications build a modern company image, streamline operations and facilitate the achievement of business goals.

Web applications for companies in Łódź - advantages and disadvantages

Having a web application by a company from Łódź is a clear signal that the company focuses on modern solutions and meets the expectations of its customers. If you do not implement your own web application, and the client a person looking for a given product or service can settle a given matter online with a competitor, there is a good chance that he will choose a different brand.

A modern, efficient web application can, depending on the implemented functions, speed up and facilitate the process of using the companys services and products, improve internal business processes and much more. SaaS (Software as a Service) applications can even be a direct source of income for an enterprise, due to the possibility of charging fees for the mere use of the software.

Web applications for companies in Łódź (and not only) require constant technical support to ensure their stable and trouble-free operation. It is also worth improving them on an ongoing basis and developing new functions in order to best respond to the dynamically changing market needs.

Web applications in Łódź – what companies should have them?

Due to the many forms they can take, web applications are used by companies in Łódź from a wide variety of industries. From the financial industry , through tourism (including catering and hotels), to e-commerce.

They will be useful both for companies that provide their services remotely and for those that rely on stationary operations but want, for example, to facilitate the process of making appointments.

The size of the company is not an obstacle to implementing a web application in a company in Łódź. Nowadays, they are increasingly implemented not only by the largest corporations, but also by medium and small companies that focus on innovation and continuous development.

Web application for a company in Łódź - development cost

The cost of creating a web application for a company in Łódź depends primarily on its technical specification and is always agreed individually. Our specialists help in selecting the solutions and functionalities used in the project so that the final effect met the adopted assumptions and was within the planned budget.

Web applications for Lodz companies created by Develos are scalable, which means that they can be easily further developed with additional useful, modern functions. If a company has a limited budget, there is nothing to stop it from implementing the basic functionalities first and adding additional ones over time.

Technology stack

See what technological web-stack we work with most oftens

Best quality of collaboration comes from personalized approach and perfect understanding of other party. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us, so we can better understand your needs and present adequate offer for our services.