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Web application security

Web application security should always come first. Don t risk your users data falling into the wrong hands. Entrust application security testing to Develos specialists and let us detect and neutralize potential threats before they become a problem. What ensures maximum security of web applications? How is an application security audit performed? Check!

Our strengths

Advanced Security Technologies
We use the latest solutions and innovations in the field of cybersecurity to effectively protect web applications against threats.
Experienced Team of Experts
Our team of specialists has extensive experience in securing applications, which ensures high effectiveness in data protection.
Individual Security Solutions
We create personalized security strategies, tailored to the unique needs and requirements of each web application.
Continuous Monitoring and Support
We offer 24/7 application monitoring and quick response to incidents, guaranteeing business continuity and security of customer operations.

On what basis is the security of web applications assessed?

The key element of assessing web application security is compliance with international security standards. Regardless of the type or size of the application, following them is essential to ensure protection against potential threats.

However, what matters is not only the type of security measures used, but also how well they are integrated with the rest of the system. Attack resistance is measured by checking how effective security is against various types of attacks, both commonly known ones and new, dynamically developing forms of threats.

How to ensure application security?

Ensuring the security of web applications is a process that requires constant attention and active management. It consists of many different activities that extend over the entire period of software operation.

Safety-centric design plays an important role, which means taking security aspects into account early in the planning and coding stages. Regular application security tests are an integral element here, allowing for the early detection and elimination of potential vulnerabilities.

Staying current is equally important. Both in terms of the application itself and any middleware it uses, such as database servers, libraries and other tools.

Take care of your software today!

Precise application security testing, patch implementation and high-class technical support.

Web application security in practice

Web application security is a strategic area that requires advanced solutions and a systematic approach. Our approach is based on advanced security strategies, regular security audits and close cooperation with the development team. Below you will find more information about safety.

Web application security tests and audits – step by step

An exhaustive examination of web application security is an effective way to detect irregularities in the code or existing processes. If you want to ensure it goes well, it s best to have experts handle it.

An experienced, qualified team of Develos conducts a detailed security audit of web applications to assess whether the application complies with best practices and regulations industry.

Another important element is resistance to attacks. We perform intensive security tests of web applications and simulate various threat scenarios to understand how the application copes with potential cyber attacks.

These tests help us identify potential security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. We also evaluate how quickly and effectively the application can identify and respond to threats before they become large.

Why is web application security testing important?

Regular security testing of web applications is extremely important for several reasons. First of all, it allows you to identify potential security gaps that can be exploited by cybercriminals. Undiscovered and unpatched vulnerabilities mean the risk of serious incidents such as data theft and other privacy breaches.

Properly conducted web application tests translate into well-functioning, secure software, which in turn allows you to build a strong brand reputation. Companies that demonstrate a commitment to protecting their customers data build long-term relationships of trust and avoid costly controversies.

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