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Comprehensive creation of mobile applications for demanding companies. Experienced team and the latest technologies. You dont have time or resources to prepare your dream application? Dont worry. Entrust your project to Develos and enjoy timely, effective implementation on terms tailored to the needs of your company.

Our Strengths

Experts in Mobile Technologies
Our team consists of experienced specialists in the field of mobile application development, which guarantees high quality, reliability and modernity of our solutions.
User First
We design applications with the end user in mind, ensuring an intuitive interface and excellent usability to ensure the highest level of user satisfaction and engagement.
Multiplatform Solutions
We create applications that run smoothly on various platforms (iOS, Android), ensuring wide reach and accessibility for users regardless of the device used.
Szybki Execution Time
Thanks to effective processes and work methodologies, we are able to quickly and efficiently deliver ready-made applications, which allows our clients to quickly enter the market and gain a competitive advantage.

Creating mobile applications - sample application types

Smartphone and tablet custom-made applications is an extremely broad concept within which almost every company can find something for themselves, regardless of the industry. Mobile applications are most often created in the following categories:

  • e-commerce (online store applications),
  • booking,
  • for ordering food or travel,
  • tourism,< /li>
  • financial,
  • social.

However, you dont have to limit yourself to only existing types of software. Sometimes it turns out that there is a gap in the market that can be filled. A basis is a good idea that responds to the real needs of the target group, which may be customers, but also, for example, business partners or employees.

Why is it worth creating applications for mobile devices?

There is a reason why creating applications for mobile devices is so popular nowadays. Smartphones are devices that many people cannot do without. We have them with us almost constantly and we have become accustomed to them It is now clear that almost everything can be done using them. By not joining the trend of providing its own software, the company risks losing potential customers and discouraging current ones.

It is therefore worth taking advantage of the opportunities created by new technologies. You dont even need to have a large internal IT department for this. However, a simple program for creating mobile applications is not enough to prepare software of sufficiently high quality. Develos - an experienced company creating mobile, web and desktop applications - will be happy to help you develop a dedicated solution at the highest level.

The dedicated mobile application is tailored specifically for the small screens of smartphones and tablets, as well as for touch operation, which is why it is more convenient to use on these devices than a regular website. It offers great opportunities for interaction with users (including by using phone functions such as GPS or camera), as well as direct and quick reaching of customers (especially thanks to push notifications).

Take advantage of our tailor-made software development service today!

A modern, scalable mobile application for iOS and Android is within your reach.

Learn more about the process of creating mobile applications step by step.

The increase in the number of smartphone and tablet users leads to an increased demand for mobile applications in both the consumer and business segments. Below you will find information on how we create them especially for you.

Where to start the process of creating mobile applications?

Where to start creating mobile applications if you already have an idea, but you are not able to implement it yourself? Contact a team of qualified specialists who will be able to create safe and efficient software based on your idea.

Develos experts will first determine the companys needs and requirements so that the final result is fully consistent with them, and will also create a preliminary cost estimate. We will present further, more complex stages of creating a mobile application in detail below!

Creating technical specifications

The technical specification is a key document that answers the question how to create a mobile application for a given client. On its basis, as the project is implemented, the software will be enriched with specific functionalities and modules.

It determines, among other things, acceptable technologies, which in turn affects the tools for creating mobile applications that can be used. It also indicates what systems the software must be compatible with. You can create an application, for example, only for Android, although in order to reach the largest possible group of recipients, it is worth considering presence on the two main mobile OSes, i.e. also on iOS.

A precise, extensive technical specification allows you to effectively estimate the resources needed to create a high-quality mobile application, which in turn allows you to reliably determine the implementation cost before the project starts.


After final determination of all details, signing the contract and assigning priorities to individual tasks, it will be possible to start the development cycle. The customer can count on regular information about the progress of work, as well as detailed internal tests carried out by experts, so that all functionalities and modules were as refined as possible.

Who creates mobile applications? Not only coders - experts with other specialties are also involved in the software development process, from scrum masters, through designers, to testers. Develos has a wide team of qualified professionals with a diverse range of skills, which allows us to effectively implement even the most complex and unusual projects.


Once the software has passed internal tests, the process of creating custom mobile applications can move to the implementation stage. The first step will be implementation in the client environment, but without making it available to users. < /p>

The implementation into the production environment, i.e. the one visible to the target recipients, takes place only after final acceptance tests have been carried out. Thanks to this, there will be no doubt that the prepared application fully meets the clients expectations and agreed requirements


The process of creating mobile applications does not end with the initial implementation of the software. On the contrary, it is often only the beginning of a longer adventure, which usually includes providing technical support to application users, as well as its further development.

As it begins to gain popularity, there will be a need to introduce further functionalities and expand the existing ones in order to meet the expectations of the target group and not fall behind the competition.

What else is worth knowing about creating mobile applications?

Now that you know how to create mobile applications step by step, you can start to wonder what the costs will be. Many entrepreneurs do not have an internal team that would able to implement such a project and therefore turns to reputable external contractors such as Develos.

However, as in the case of creating web applications, each case is treated individually , therefore it is difficult to provide a fixed price list for mobile application development. There are no two identical dedicated solutions, because companies, communities and other organizations have different needs and requirements.

Individual software may therefore differ in terms of platforms, functionalities, scale, as well as the mobile application development technologies used, which will affect the final cost of their development. Please contact us to discuss the details and estimate the implementation in the fixed-price model. At Develos, we determine the cost of developing mobile applications based on the technical specifications and other project details.

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