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A software house that prioritizes quality, transparency and timeliness is at your fingertips. Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of the Develos team to enjoy innovative, scalable software tailored to your company.

Our strengths

Innovative IT Solutions
Our software house creates modern applications and software tailored to the individual needs of our clients. With us you will achieve technological perfection!
Flexibility comes first
In our software house, flexibility is the key. We adapt to dynamic market needs, offering innovative solutions without unnecessary delays.
The Source Code of Your Success
We create not only software, but also the foundations for your success. Our software house is a guarantee of solid code and effective cooperation.
Projects Without Borders
We are a software house that knows no limits. We implement projects tailored to your challenges, combining creativity with advanced technology.

Software house – what is it?

As the name suggests, software house deals with creating custom software. It is a medium-sized entity, positioning itself on the market in the space between small start-ups and huge corporations.

This type of organization consists primarily of various types of programmers, but also, among others, scrum masters, managers who specialize in IT project management, as well as testers. Develos is distinguished by a diverse, extensive team that can cope well with even the most demanding projects.

What services does the software house provide?

The definition of software house shows that the main axis of interest of this type of entities is the preparation of software, but in reality their offer is much wider. In addition to creating dedicated applications (mobile, desktop, web, including SaaS), you can also count on long-term technical support, as well as, among others: hosting the application and conducting training in its use.

It is worth knowing what software house is also if you want to find an expert with specific skills for your team. Thanks to the support of specialists, IT recruitment will be easier than ever. For the initial period, the new employee will be employed through the software house, and after some time he will join the company directly.

What is the process of building a dedicated applications?

Thanks to an individual approach to each client, our team is able to implement even the most complex project, additionally making it easy to use and cheap to maintain. Below you will find the steps that will help us establish successful cooperation.


Consultation and Requirements Collection

We start with an in-depth consultation with the client to understand the specifics of the project and expectations. We collect all relevant requirements for the project such as: business goals, target group, functions and expectations regarding the application.


Initial quote

The next stage is to prepare a preliminary estimate of the project costs. The quote we present is divided into independent modules so that the client has the freedom to modify the project. This is also a place for negotiations and determining the final scope of the project.


Signing the contract

After selecting the scope of the project, we proceed to finalize the cooperation agreement. We provide clear financial conditions, contract duration and all necessary information.


Starting work on the project

At this stage, we start implementing the project. We want to deliver business value to the client as quickly as possible, hence we divide the work in such a way as to implement a new version of the application into the clients environment every few weeks at most. We place great emphasis on automation and quality, which allows you to build large systems that are easy and cheap to maintain.


Delivering the final version of the project

This is the final stage of application development, in which the client receives the entire product and approves its compliance with the expectations and initially established requirements.


Maintenance, support and development

If in the previous stage the client decided to continue cooperation, we move to the stage of support, maintenance and development of the application depending on the clients needs.


Our Software house uses the most popular technologies dedicated to building advanced platforms

Software House for your business

Using the services of a software house is a strategy that allows the company to focus on its main business goals, while providing access to specialized knowledge and skills necessary for the effective implementation of IT projects. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about software house.

How to choose a software house?

Software houses in Poland are becoming more and more popular, but not all of them offer exactly the same range and quality of services. Implementation costs may also vary. So, how to choose a software house to be satisfied with the results and avoid unnecessary costs?

When comparing individual software companies, it is worth paying attention to issues such as experience, as well as previous implementations (usually highlighted and presented on the organizations website) and customer opinions. Thanks to this, you will choose the optimal contractor who will meet all your expectations.

Software house – why is it worth it?

Rapid technological progress has made companies from many industries, including those operating entirely stationary, start to wonder what a software house is and how it can help them. Using the support of experienced Develos specialists is, above all, a convenient and effective way to implement dedicated solutions in your company, either for customers or employees.

Your own application, depending on its specificity, can increase interest in the offer, stimulate sales or optimize processes in the company. Creating it by a qualified software house allows you to save time and resources that would be required to create your own IT department.

In addition to implementing specific projects - for a pre-agreed fee, Develos also offers IT outsourcing (of the entire team or individual specialists), settled at hourly rates. It is a flexible solution that provides constant access to experts with various specializations.

Software house or corporation – which entitys services are better to use?

Software house or corporation - this is a dilemma faced by many companies looking for external IT support. The corporation differs from even the largest software houses in Poland primarily in its scale. It is usually a much larger and more complex organization. Using its services, such as outsourcing or body leasing, gives you access to a very wide range of specialists, including those with niche specialties.

Due to the size of the company, a less individual approach should be expected, especially in smaller projects. By choosing software house, you gain the support of a large team (smaller than in a corporation, but equally well qualified), and at the same time you can count on software fully tailored to the needs of a given company.

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