Body leasing IT

Body leasing IT will allow you to get support from a qualified expert quickly, efficiently and on transparent, individually agreed terms. We have a wide range a team of experienced IT specialists who will help you implement your plans and projects.

Our strengths

Flexibility of experts
Our flexible IT staff adapts to project requirements, increasing efficiency and accelerating project development.
Innovative solutions
We provide IT specialists who create innovative solutions for various projects. Our experts will help you accelerate the development of your business.
Flexibility on demand
We ensure flexibility of the provided IT teams, accelerating the development of projects regardless of their scale or complexity.
Business Partnership
As a body leasing partner, we not only provide IT specialists, but also offer strategic advice, helping you achieve your goals with comprehensive support.

Meet our specialists

Dawid Ratajczak
Dawid Ratajczak
Fullstack Engineer

At Develos, in addition to co-running the company, he manages the software development process. He specializes in building architecture, securing and implementing applications, as well as building CI/CD. I program as a FullStack developer, I conduct recruitment and ensure the high quality of the code and the constant reduction of technical debt. After hours, I am involved in OCR obstacle runs and building wooden structures.

Damian Gajos
Damian Gajos
Backend Engineer & Solution Architect

I am a graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology and co-founder of the company. My responsibilities include managing technology strategy, supervising product development and leading the IT team. After hours, a proud father of two sons, their passion for football inspires me to balance work and family life. Commitment to developing innovative backend solutions is as strong as love for family and fascination with football.

Łukasz Rusajczyk
Łukasz Rusajczyk
Fullstack Engineer

I am a full stack developer, comfortable operating in various technologies. Currently, my programming work focuses on web development. I have extensive experience in cooperation with clients from various parts of the world, including Norway, Sweden and the USA. Outside of work, my passion is cooking. Because engineering skills go hand in hand with creativity, I love creating distinctive solutions both in code and in the kitchen.

Łukasz Kropidłowski
Łukasz Kropidłowski
Frontend Engineer

I started my cooperation with Develos over 3 years ago. I carry out projects both in Poland and abroad, and I specialize in Vue.js and React. My job is not only writing effective code, but also designing responsive interfaces. Thanks to cooperation with various clients, I had the opportunity to create various solutions to often non-trivial problems. Apart from coding, I am passionate about exploring new technologies and participating in projects that improve user experience.

Piotr Sokołowski
Piotr Sokołowski
QA Engineer

My job is to provide high-quality software for various clients, both in Poland and abroad. He specializes in writing automatic tests (including UT, E2E and performance) as well as manual testing. After hours, I derive the most joy from spending time with my daughter, creating unforgettable moments and balancing my passion for testing with family life. Harmony between professionalism and family is the key to satisfaction for me.

Body leasing IT – what is it?

Body leasing IT is a cooperation model involving the temporary hiring of IT specialists by companies that need additional support in the implementation of specific projects or tasks.

In the first place, IT body leasing may be associated primarily with hiring developers, but in practice the possibilities are much broader. This cooperation may include the use of the services of experts with various competences, such as programmers, testers, analysts and system administrators.

Thanks to quick access to the right specialists, leasing IT employees can speed up the implementation of projects, increasing the companys competitiveness. It may often happen that a company has a great idea that will help it get ahead of the competition, but is unable to implement it on its own.

By choosing various forms of external support, including body leasing IT, the company gains new opportunities to respond to market needs and eliminates the obstacle of lack of internal competences in a given field.

Leasing of IT specialists - conditions

The terms of leasing IT specialists may be very diverse, depending on the individual needs and preferences of the company. We know that our clients are primarily interested in the flexibility of the services offered, which is why we make every effort to adapt the form of their provision to the circumstances.

We provide both stationary, remote and hybrid service. We offer professional support for companies of all sizes, operating in any industry. We cooperate in the implementation of long-term and short-term projects of various levels of complexity.

All parameters of cooperation, such as the hours during which support will be available, are determined individually. We will be happy to answer any questions and clarify unclear issues, so that the final form of cooperation fully satisfies the client.

IT body leasing – why is it worth using?

The basic task of IT body leasing is to fill gaps in the company`s staff. It may happen that the company does not have an IT department at all, or it does have one, but currently needs access to a specialist with a specific set of skills as quickly as possible. In such cases, hiring external experts will be a good solution.

The process of recruiting the right person itself would be time-consuming and expensive, not to mention the subsequent remuneration, which must also include a number of employee benefits. This is especially troublesome if we need a given type of support only for a specific period or for a specific project, and not necessarily on a full-time basis typical of an employment relationship.

IT employee leasing is a much more advantageous and convenient alternative, under which the company can quickly obtain additional support with much less formalities. A hired IT specialist is not de facto an employee of the company, although he effectively helps in the implementation of its projects, which involves, among others, with lack of social spending.

What is the process of starting cooperation?

Our process was created for maximum flexibility and adaptation to the individual needs of each client. Below you will find the steps that will help us establish successful cooperation.


Consulting and collecting requirements

We start with an in-depth consultation with the client to understand the specifics of the project and expectations. We collect all relevant requirements regarding technical competences, experience and interpersonal skills.


Selection of a Team of Specialists

Based on the information collected, we begin selecting the appropriate team of specialists. Our recruitment process includes a careful examination of the technical skills, professional experience and creativity of potential candidates.


Presentation of the Candidates

We present the client with a profile of selected specialists, enabling a thorough understanding of their skills and experience. The client also has the opportunity to conduct additional job interviews.


Finalization of the Agreement

After selecting the appropriate specialists, we proceed to finalize the cooperation agreement. We provide clear financial conditions, contract duration and all necessary information.


Beginning of cooperation

After signing the contract, the team of specialists is ready to immediately engage in the project. We provide constant support for both the client and team members during the cooperation.

Do you want more?

Depending on your needs, we offer a number of additional services

Technology Consulting
Competence Development
Technical assistance
Systems Integration
Cloud Computing
IT Project Management
Creating Prototypes
Quality Assurance

How to make optimal use of Body Leasing IT?

Discover the complexity of IT body leasing with Develos! Focus on your strategic goals and we will take care of providing the highest quality IT support.

IT body leasing – are there any risks associated with it?

Body leasing IT is a popular and effective solution that brings many benefits to enterprises from various industries. However, like any business solution, it also comes with certain risks that you need to be aware of.

Choosing a company providing specialists that does not have appropriate knowledge, experience or reputation may lead to problems with the quality of the services provided. To avoid this, carefully check the references and portfolio of potential partners.

Leasing IT specialists at Develos is a safe and beneficial solution. We have extensive experience in implementing a variety of projects, including very large and complex ones.

We support entrepreneurs, among others, in creating mobile, web and desktop applications, as well as in creating dedicated solutions tailored to the needs of a given company.

Leasing of IT specialists - how much does it cost?

IT body leasing is settled monthly based on an hourly rate, which is determined individually for each employee when discussing the terms of cooperation (also when the support of more than one expert or the entire team is needed) .

The cost of leasing IT specialists will depend, firstly, on the rate of a given expert, and secondly, on the number of hours worked in a given period. It is a flexible and convenient solution that ensures transparency of cooperation and allows clients to appropriately scale specialists working time, and therefore costs, depending on current needs and financial possibilities.

Leasing IT employees - what are the benefits?

Outsourcing some IT tasks gives you the opportunity to focus on the company`s strategic goals while benefiting from the support of high-class specialists. Body leasing, which is a subcategory of IT outsourcing, allows you to hire only individual people instead of entire teams.

This is an optimal solution for small projects that do not require the support of many experts. It will also be useful for larger projects where you need to use technology with which regular team members are not well acquainted or introduce a new work methodology.

IT employee leasing means the ability to quickly increase or decrease IT resources in connection with the evolving needs of the company, which translates into greater operational flexibility. If the project requires the support of more specialists, in addition to IT body leasing, you can take advantage of the option of hiring a full team or subcontracting the entire project.

The key advantage of IT body leasing is cost clarity. The payment system based on hourly rates allows for better control of expenses and easier budget planning. The company only bears the cost of hours actually worked by hired employees, so it does not have to worry about hidden fees.

Body leasing IT – how to choose a specialist?

When deciding to lease IT specialists, you should first determine what type of expert will be needed to implement a given project, for example a programmer or tester. The next step is to narrow down the pool to specialists with specific skills that will be useful in given circumstances, such as knowledge of specific technologies or work methodologies.

Body leasing IT is already very popular and there is no indication that this will change. Therefore, finding the right expert should not be a problem, even in the case of complex, technologically demanding projects.

Develos stands out for its wide, diverse staff, among which you can easily find experienced specialists with the profile that interests you. You don`t know which type of expert will be best to implement your plans? Contact us and we will help you make the right decision. Regardless of which specialist you ultimately choose, you can count on full professionalism and high quality of the services provided.

Best quality of collaboration comes from personalized approach and perfect understanding of other party. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us, so we can better understand your needs and present adequate offer for our services.