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Project management does not have to be stressful and burdensome. Entrust your project to qualified Develos specialists and enjoy efficient, timely implementation of your tasks.

Our strengths

Effective Management Methods
Our company stands out for its high effectiveness in managing IT projects, using advanced methods such as Agile and Scrum, which guarantees flexibility and quick adaptation to changing needs.
Innovative Technological Solutions
We specialize in the implementation of modern IT solutions, which translates into increased operational efficiency and competitiveness of our clients in their industries.
Excellent Communication with the Customer
Our approach is based on transparent and effective communication, enabling clients to fully understand project progress and supporting their engagement.
Quick Response to Changes
Flexibility and the ability to quickly respond to changes in the project are our advantages, which allows for effective risk management and avoiding delays.

Why proper IT project management is important?

Effective, professional IT project management is not an optional bonus, but the basis for the functioning of the entire IT industry, as many Polish (and not only) companies have already realized.

Even a team composed of the best specialists in the IT field (or any other field) may have problems with the correct, i.e. error-free, timely implementation of the assigned tasks, in full compliance with the presented guidelines, if the project is not supervised by the right person.

Many factors contribute to an efficiently implemented project, from constant monitoring of work progress and deadlines, through recognizing and solving problems of team members, to reporting and appropriate communication with the client. Spreading these tasks over people whose duties do not focus on IT project management, but e.g. on coding, may lead to chaos and much less effective work.

The more complex the project, the more difficult it is to control it without expert support. Although mismanagement also affects smaller projects. Considering how many factors must be taken into account and how serious the consequences of incorrect implementation of IT projects can be, it is no wonder that the industrys approach changes from year to year. More and more emphasis is placed not only on the purely technical competences of the team, but also on aspects related to proper work organization and process optimization.

Who should be entrusted with managing an IT project?

Managing an IT project, even a small one, is a task for experts who have appropriate qualifications and experience. Preferably in cooperation with companies from various industries and of various sizes. Thanks to this, you can be sure that nothing will surprise them and they will be able to find the right solution even in difficult and unusual situations.

Develos specialists have participated in the implementation of countless projects, both on a local, national and international scale. They are perfectly familiar with popular IT project management methodologies and know how to maximize the potential of each team member. Regardless of the industry you operate in and the size of the project, they will ensure that the task is carried out correctly and will adapt to your individual needs and expectations.

Our extensive staff includes not only Project Managers and SCRUM masters, but also programmers, testers and system architects. Therefore, we are able to take over project management and implement them from scratch or take them over from other contractors.

Free your IT projects from unnecessary chaos.

Thanks to the support of qualified Develos specialists, deadlines will no longer keep the team awake at night.

Project management - what is worth knowing?

IT project management is a key element of the effective implementation of innovative technological solutions. It is worth knowing several important aspects of this process in order to effectively manage IT projects.

The most popular methods of managing IT projects

IT project management methods (or rather, methodologies) are certain ready-made schemes and solutions that are intended to help companies in the IT industry or internal IT departments in enterprises from other industries, function better.

The most popular methodologies currently include Agile, SCRUM and Waterfall, but there are also many other, less common options. Waterfall is based on a more traditional, cascading approach to achieving set goals. Agile, and especially SCRUM based on it, focus on greater flexibility, including dividing the project into smaller tasks that can be completed in short periods of time.

The selection and correct application of an appropriate IT project management methodology is the basis for efficient work. You dont have to deal with it on your own - if you use the help of a Develos specialist, you can count on substantive support at every step.

Project management tools

IT project management tools facilitate the exchange of information between individual team members, verification of work progress, performance analysis and much more. Some of them are aimed primarily at the IT industry, others are more universal and therefore are also used to manage other types of projects.

Implementing appropriate tools to work on the project and then optimally using the possibilities they offer (appropriate to the needs and circumstances) will translate into the effectiveness of individual tasks and team satisfaction.

Can anyone manage an IT project?

Effective IT project management is not an easy task, among other things, due to the complicated, technical nature of this type of projects. Not everyone can handle it, which may lead to problems with the timely completion of tasks or the quality of the final product.

Even if someone already has experience in management, but not in IT but in another industry, problems may arise due to the lack of appropriate technical knowledge. Although in theory a Project Manager in IT does not have to be a programmer, experience with the IT industry, whether as a developer or another, is a huge advantage.

How much does it cost for a specialist to handle IT projects?

IT project management may involve very diverse costs, primarily depending on the type of project, level of complexity and expected duration. We encourage you to contact us to determine the details of cooperation, such as the scope and form (remote, hybrid, stationary) of support provided.

We know that each company is different, which is why we focus on an individual approach and open, direct communication. Depending on what activities are ultimately entrusted to us, we settle on an hourly basis (in the case of outsourcing the entire team and body leasing) or fixed-price (in the case of the implementation of the entire project according to the adopted specifications).

When to decide on IT project management by an expert?

Professional management in IT, but also in other industries, is useful in various circumstances, regardless of the industry or the size of the company (or project). It will undoubtedly be particularly important in the case of ambitious, complex projects. However, improper work organization is a problem that also affects broader goals.

Whats more, in the case of smaller companies, losses generated by project delays or improper implementation may be smaller in amount, but in reality they constitute a greater blow to the company.

In turn, large companies cannot afford not only additional costs, but also an image crisis related to, for example, poor technical condition of software resulting from improper project management. Therefore, each IT project should be supervised by a qualified specialist.

IT project management – how to know if it is going well?

It is difficult to find an IT project that, even with the best management, would not encounter some obstacles. Whether it is related to technical limitations or, for example, sudden changes in the market that force modification of the original assumptions already at an advanced stage of the project implementation. Not everything can be predicted.

The measure of a well-managed IT project is not the complete absence of problems (although the right approach will eliminate many of them), but effective adaptation to the circumstances and avoidance of organizational chaos. A properly managed team will operate like a well-oiled machine, characterized by high efficiency, as well as satisfaction and satisfaction of the team with the work performed.

Efficient, open communication, quick clarification of any ambiguities, good atmosphere in the team, optimal structure and work schedule, timeliness of activities - all this is a sign that the project is being carried out correctly.

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