DevelosAbout us

Our vision is the innovation of our products.

We want all our solutions to be innovative guaranteeing safety and ease of use. All of this is to be successful for our partners and employees. We believe that such an attitude is the key to achieving the assumed goals of the company existence.

What unites us is a passion for creating new solutions

Dawid Ratajczak


Co-founder of the company and graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology. He specializes in building architecture, securing and implementing applications, as well as building CI/CD. After hours, he is involved in OCR obstacle runs and building wooden structures.


Damian Gajos


Co-founder of the company and graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology. He specializes in designing and building scalable applications based on microservices architecture using NoSQL. Outside of work, he likes to spend time actively, including training triathlon.

We are a team of people connected
with a passion for new technologies and programming.

Our team consists of system architecture specialists and engineers software and programmers. We also work with graphic designers and user expirience experts. We create our own solutions and implementation of outsourcing projects for our clients. In our work we prepare products that will meet the highest programming standards and the standards of the people who use them. We are able to deliver software of any kind, thanks to which we can adjust it even easier to meet the requirements set for us. What distinguishes us is an individual approach to the client, high quality of services and timely implementation.

Priorities for functioning

Each of us strictly follows the rules of honest conduct in business professional. This principle does not allow for any compromise leading to prioritizing personal interests over the interests of the company and in relations with external partners.

A sense of belonging

We strive to provide our employees with the best possible place to stay work. We take care of their continuous development and integration, so that they know that the company works also to help them meet their goals.

A partnership approach

We are convinced that good relationships can only be built through partnerships approach. We know that our work and quality affect subsequent actions the client, so we have to do everything to help him in these activities.

Need for improvement

The constant progress of information technology requires us to take measures to the goal of continuous development of our employees. That is why we make sure that everyone in our company, could develop in areas where this development is necessary for him by sending our employees to training whenever they see fit.

Facing Challenges

Nothing is impossible, there are only the more difficult to obtain. We believe that thanks to a strong team of professionals, we will create each project, deepening at including experience useful in later programming work.

Innovation is modernity

We consider conventional and proven solutions to be the basis of our activity, but we always try to introduce new, innovative elements that can work help our contractors in a significant way.

In our work, we use the most popular technologies combined with extensive frameworks, which allows us to prepare solutions in accordance with idea of the client

We create desktop, web, and mobile applications. We use them to build the latest technologies, tailored to the project and the needs of customers. I offer help with choosing the right technology for the project as well we conduct training in the use of solutions prepared by us.

Such diversity allows us to create::

Dedicated systems

Web applications

Mobile applications

IOT systems

Best quality of collaboration comes from personalized approach and perfect understanding of other party. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us, so we can better understand your needs and present adequate offer for our services.

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