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Light Client

A ready-made ecosystem that will allow you to speed up the process of creating your software. Ready-made panel, user management, automatic tests and much more.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we have built a solution that allows you to significantly speed up the process of building a new solution.

Our experience shows that a large part of the software has some common functionalities that our ecosystem provides as a ready-made part of the functionality. If you need any of the ready-made functions of our ecosystem, we will simply turn it on for you and you will not have to wait or plan time for its development in the construction of your project. This significantly shortens the working time because we can implement the construction of your idea from the first day.

Ready user support

Registration, Login, Assigning permissions, Password reset and full user support including password change and recovery. This includes support for various user profiles, so you can create separate subsystems with different sets of functionalities.

Multilingual support

Nowadays, it is important to reach the widest possible audience, not only in the country but also abroad. Light Client provides ready-made support for multiple languages, with an easy-to-use panel through which you can manage content in each of them.

Ready Administration Panel

Together with the platform, you receive a ready-made administration panel that you can use to build the administration part and your entire project. The panel, like the entire system, supports white labeling, so you can easily adapt it to the colors of your project.

Integration with international payment systems

We support payment processing from providers such as NETS (Norway), Przelewy24, PayU and PayPal, so you can start receiving them quickly and their implementation will only involve connecting your account.

Support for templates and e-mail sending

Ready-made templates for basic emails (registration, password recovery, multi-factor authorization) for all supported languages, along with a panel for easy editing. Additionally, our system supports whitelabeling, so you can easily modify the built-in branding of email messages.

CI/CD automation

Our platform is built using dotnet and vuejs. All its components have been adapted to work with Docker and Kubernetes. This means that the implementation process into the environment is completely automated, and we use the GitOps approach to management.

Within one day of starting work you will be able to gain access to a test environment where you will be able to have ongoing insight into the construction process, all thanks to the use of Light Client as ecosystem.


  • support for registration, login and user management
  • integration with payment systems (including NETS, PayPal, PayU and others)
  • shipping and email templates support
  • ready administration panel
  • support for white labeling - matching existing views to your brand
  • registration and verification of audit logs
  • multi-language support with a ready-made Content Management Panel
  • support for managing permissions and roles
  • automatic tests of built-in functionality
  • ready-made scripts for deploying applications to the Kubernetes environment

Boost your project

Supercharge your project development with our pre-built ecosystem. Activate key functionalities instantly, from user support to multilingual capabilities and seamless payment integrations. Discover hassle-free project management with our ready-made administration panel. Ready for the next step?

Best quality of collaboration comes from personalized approach and perfect understanding of other party. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us, so we can better understand your needs and present adequate offer for our services.

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