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Outsourcing IT from Develos

IT outsourcing is a simple way to transfer the burden of implementing technology projects to external experts. Take advantage of the support of qualified Develos specialists to enjoy the possibilities of new technologies without the high costs of employing full-time employees.

Our strengths

Qualified specialists
We work with developers who build applications for each platform. We will help you find the right developer for your project
Development teams
From the very beginning, we can provide you with a group of specialists consisting of people who have cooperated with each other before, so they can ensure the best quality from day 1 of work.
Comprehensive support
We will design and implement the architecture, develop technical solutions, prepare tests and automate their implementation, providing technical support in subsequent stages of the project.
Quality assurance
The sooner an error is repaired, the lower its costs. We help you ensure quality and achieve the best stability and long-term cost savings

IT outsourcing – why is it worth choosing?

What is IT outsourcing? The simplest definition of IT outsourcing indicates that it is a cooperation model that allows companies to focus on strategic aspects of their operations, while delegating technical tasks to specialized external teams.

Creating your own, permanent IT department is an extremely expensive task that requires a long-term recruitment and onboarding process of individual specialists before the unit starts functioning properly. Moreover, permanent employment of employees involves additional social expenses as well as obligations resulting from the employment relationship. Replacing it with a hired external department allows you to reduce expenses without reducing the effectiveness of your activities.

IT outsourcing not only allows you to reduce costs, but also enables easy scaling of resources in connection with the evolving needs of the company, which allows for faster adaptation to changing market conditions. It sometimes happens that a team of specialists is needed only to implement a specific project, and then only to provide technical support for the newly created solution.

IT outsourcing - conditions

We offer outsourcing of IT services on terms that are tailored to individual needs. Each company may have different goals, requirements and preferences, which is why we do our utmost to make our IT outsourcing offer as flexible as possible.

The times our experts will be available to you, the form of service provision (stationary, remote or hybrid), the scope of tasks performed, the duration of cooperation - all these aspects may differ depending on the situation.

We have a wide team of qualified specialists, including: experienced programmers, system architects and software engineers, well versed in the latest technologies and leading work methodologies. Thanks to this, we can offer IT outsourcing at the highest level.

Outsourcing of IT specialists – when is it worth choosing?

If your company does not have appropriate specialists, IT outsourcing allows it to benefit from the knowledge and experience of experts without the need to employ them permanently. This is a good option for companies from any industry and of any size that want to implement an IT project but do not have the internal resources to do so.

IT outsourcing is also useful when the company has an IT department, but it is not extensive enough to meet current requirements and needs, or it does not have the necessary competences at a given moment (e.g. knowledge of the required programming language). .

As part of IT outsourcing, experts can carry out various types of tasks, whether related to mobile, desktop, web applications or other dedicated solutions.


Our IT outsourcing includes the most popular technologies dedicated to building advanced platforms

IT outsourcing offer – what should you consider when choosing it?

Choosing an appropriate IT outsourcing offer is an important issue that may affect the success of the entire project. When comparing the available options, you should first of all check whether the outsourcing company has appropriate experience and technical knowledge in the IT industry, as well as whether it has specialists with competences corresponding to the needs of a given project.

It is also worth paying attention to how quickly the outsourcing company is able to respond to your needs and whether it offers technical support at the appropriate level.

By choosing IT outsourcing at Develos, you can count on the highest quality of customer service, as well as conscientious and timely implementation of assigned tasks. We ensure full professionalism of cooperation and an individual approach, both during the determination of the terms of cooperation and after its commencement.

Key aspects of IT outsourcing

Understanding and effectively managing the information technology outsourcing process is crucial for many organizations seeking to optimize operations, save costs and focus on their core business. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing agreement – what should it include?

IT outsourcing agreement is the basis for cooperation between the client and the company providing external services. To ensure clarity and protect the interests of both parties, the contract should primarily include provisions regarding the services offered, terms of cooperation and remuneration.

Agreements on confidentiality, intellectual property rights and data security may also be important. Much here depends on the individual requirements of a given company and project details.

IT outsourcing calculator - can you calculate the profitability of the service?

Although there is no universal IT outsourcing calculator that would precisely determine the profitability of the service for every company, you can estimate the potential benefits by comparing the costs of outsourcing with the expenses related to employing your own employees.

You should therefore analyze the costs of employing your own IT staff, such as salaries, social security fees, leaves and recruitment costs. Moreover, outsourcing IT services allows you to use the knowledge and skills of specialists who are up to date with the latest technologies. In the case of your own team, training costs can be significant.

However, in the case of IT outsourcing, the price of the service is the only expense that can be additionally managed dynamically, scaling the scope of services and the working time of the hired team.

IT outsourcing - advantages and disadvantages

For companies considering IT outsourcing, the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution will be extremely important. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that IT outsourcing allows you to reduce the costs associated with employing full-time IT specialists, such as salaries, benefits and office space.

At the same time, external IT companies have a wide range of specialists, which allows for quick access to experts in various fields and efficient implementation of projects. Transferring responsibility for IT services to an external company allows the organization to focus on its core business, increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

It should be taken into account that by outsourcing important tasks to external entities, the company exposes itself to certain risks. Therefore, it is important to find the right partner who will understand the needs and expectations of the company and reliably fulfill the duties entrusted to him.

By choosing a proven outsourcing company, such as Develos, you can be sure that the tasks will be completed on time and in accordance with the adopted assumptions. Professional IT staff outsourcing is a guarantee of high-quality support, both in the creation of new software and its subsequent development.

How much does IT outsourcing cost?

The answer to the question how much does IT outsourcing cost will always depend on the circumstances. We want the IT outsourcing price list to be clear and transparent, so when hiring an entire team, an hourly rate is calculated for each of its members. Then, monthly settlement is based on the hours actually worked by individual specialists.

It is a flexible and convenient form of cooperation that allows the company to scale support depending on current needs and financial possibilities. An alternative solution to traditional IT staff outsourcing is the so-called subcontracting. In this case, the agreement concerns the implementation of a specific project, with a specific specification, which will involve a predetermined cost of completing the task.

Outsourcing IT services – who should use them?

The key benefits of IT outsourcing, such as reducing employment costs, simplifying company processes, as well as faster and more effective implementation of the assumed goals in the field of new technologies, make this solution applicable in a variety of circumstances.

Mobile applications, web applications and other dedicated solutions that can be created with the help of outsourcing IT specialists are now useful in almost every industry. Regardless of whether you run an accounting office, a restaurant or a company organizing events, at some point the support of IT experts may be necessary.

IT outsourcing – is it developing?

The numerous advantages of IT outsourcing, in particular its universality and flexibility, make domestic companies more and more willing to use it. Many entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that implementing modern software solutions is necessary to keep up with or overtake the competition.

Therefore, outsourcing is constantly developing and becoming an even more attractive form of cooperation. Both in terms of quality and scope of IT outsourcing, as it helps to implement even very ambitious and demanding projects.

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