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Recruitment in IT

Recruitment in IT is not an easy task. It can be time-consuming, expensive and often difficult to implement effectively if the company operates on its own. However, you don t have to do it yourself! Develos specialists will find the right specialist for you - quickly, efficiently and stress-free.

Our strengths

Technological Expertise
We have deep industry knowledge, allowing us to precisely understand technical needs and match ideal candidates.
Effective Talent Selection
We use advanced selection methods to ensure the best match of candidates both in terms of skills and organizational culture.
Fast Recruitment Process
Our experience and resources allow us to shorten the recruitment time, ensuring a quick and effective response to IT needs.
Individual approach
We adapt the recruitment process to individual client requirements, providing personal and tailor-made solutions.

Recruitment in IT – what does it look like step by step?

IT recruitment with Develos is a process that begins with understanding the companys needs. First, the entrepreneur must determine what kind of IT specialist he or she is looking for. It may be an expert in a specific, niche technology.

Regardless of the requirements and needs of the client, our experience in recruiting employees in the IT industry allows us to effectively select the right candidates even in narrow fields. Once we know who to look for, the next step is to find the right candidates and test their skills.

We verify their competences necessary to work in a given position by asking recruitment questions appropriate for the IT industry and using tasks to be performed and tests. After completing all necessary activities and final assessment of individual specialists, we present you the best candidate.

For the first year, we will act as an intermediary in his employment, and then the company can make him its employee directly. Recruitment in the IT industry has never been easier!

Recruitment in IT does not have to be a burdensome and tiring process.

Take advantage of Develoss help and quickly find the right specialist for your team!

IT recruitment in practice

IT recruitment in practice is a comprehensive and targeted process of searching for IT specialists, which combines a deep analysis of candidates technical skills with their adaptation to the specificity and culture of the company. IT recruitment focuses on the precise selection of talents capable not only of implementing projects, but also of introducing innovations and supporting the companys development in a dynamically changing technological environment.

Recruitment questions in IT – what should they be about?

Questions at an IT job interview must focus on both technical skills and the so-called soft skills. When it comes to the former, an IT specialist should, first of all, have thorough knowledge of the technology he uses on a daily basis.

Thats why we ask about knowledge of programming languages, experience in working with specific tools and technologies, as well as understanding of key business processes. How deep a candidates knowledge should be depends on the position for which the recruitment is carried out. A different level is expected from a junior and a different level from a senior.

Aspects such as the ability to work in a team, communication skills, the ability to work under time pressure and creativity are also important. Developers trying to anticipate interview questions can expect that they will cover situations where these skills had to be put into practice.

A recruitment interview in IT should also raise the issue of motivation and plans for the future. It is important to know whether the candidate is ready for long-term commitment and how he sees his development in the industry.

Job interview in IT – how to prepare for it from the interviewers perspective?

Conducting a job interview in IT is a challenge that requires appropriate preparation. You cant afford to make a mistake. First, you need to clearly understand what is actually expected from a given candidate. Both at the most fundamental level (e.g. knowledge of a given programming language) and at a more advanced level.

On this basis, an IT recruitment company can prepare a list of appropriate questions and carefully plan the structure of the interview. The interview should be well-organized, with a clear beginning, middle and end.

This will help you maintain control of the conversation and ensure that all important points are covered. There is room for some spontaneity, depending on how the conversation goes, but it is worth remembering to have a prepared plan.

Recruitment of IT employees is not only about assessing candidates, but also showing them that a given company is a place where they want to work. We are often talking about experienced specialists who have specific requirements towards a potential employer.

When will outsourcing recruitment work in the IT industry?

It is always worth choosing a new employee through an external company when it comes to IT specialists. It is a safe and convenient solution, especially for enterprises outside the technology sector.

At Develos, we have knowledge and tools that make the recruitment process quick, convenient and effective. By using our services, you can be sure that your recruitment needs will be understood and met. Our experts have extensive experience in recruitment in IT and are able to effectively assess the skills of individual candidates.

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