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Dedicated web applications

Creating web applications to order. Timely implementation by an experienced, qualified team. Modern solutions and individual approach. Your dream web app is at your fingertips - just tell us what you need and we`ll do the rest.

Our strengths

Modern technologies
Take advantage of the latest solutions. We use the power of React and Vuejs, providing interactive and modern solutions based on the most popular front-end technologies
Light Client
This is our original combination of modern technologies with a minimalist approach. A ready-made ecosystem providing custom solutions to improve project start-up.
Continuous Deployment
We deliver our applications using Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration. Everything is hosted using Kubernetes and deployed using Octopus.
Mobile Web Apps
We specialize in creating mobile applications using React Native. We will adapt your project to a mobile style and create native parts in iOS and Android

Who should be entrusted with creating web applications?

Building web applications requires input from many experts with various specializations - from developers, through designers, to testers. Develos has a wide, qualified staff who is up to date with what`s new in the industry and constantly develops their skills.

Our specialists not only create completely new applications from scratch, but also can take over a project from another company, develop an existing application, improve it, modify it or fix errors. By entrusting us with the creation of a web application, you can count on comprehensive service and substantive support at every stage of implementation.

Trusting external experts is a more convenient and reliable solution than using online wizards. Creating an internal team that could prepare the application is, in turn, extremely time-consuming (due to the need to conduct recruitment that often takes many months) and expensive.

The web application provided by the company to its customers is its showcase. Low quality of the application, i.e. the lack of key functions, technical problems or an unintuitive interface, may harm the image of the company and discourage customers from using its services. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the design of web application to professionals.

How is web application development done?

The process of creating web applications with the help of Develos always begins with a thorough discussion of the client`s needs and expectations. Open, direct communication is the key to complete satisfaction with the end result, which is why we place great emphasis on it. Once all aspects of cooperation have been discussed, we will prepare a preliminary prototype that will allow us to plan further activities.

After its approval, we will start work in earnest. We make sure to regularly inform the client about the project status, as well as provide a preview of the current application status. This allows the company to ensure that the entire process is going according to plan. Before publishing an application, we always conduct extensive tests to ensure its proper technical condition.

After the application is made available to users, we will be happy to provide technical support and help in further development of the software. Many years of experience in designing web applications for demanding clients guarantees that we are able to implement even the most ambitious and innovative projects.

How long does it take to create web applications?

Designing and developing web applications takes time. However, it is difficult to determine exactly how many - it depends on the circumstances, because it is not easy to have two exactly the same applications. We approach each case individually and take into account all relevant factors when determining the expected implementation time.

The scope of the project is crucial. The more extensive the application is to be, the more advanced functions, dedicated or rare solutions it requires, the longer it will take to build it.

We realize that releasing the application on time is extremely important, and any delays may result in numerous problems. For this reason, timely project implementation is always our priority. At the same time, fast creation of web applications does not reduce their quality.

Adapt Technology to Your Business

The Internet is not just a trend, it is a necessity. Find out how web applications build a modern company image, streamline operations and facilitate the achievement of business goals.

Web application development tools - are they worth using?

Web application development tools often promise the ability to quickly and easily create applications without coding, experience, or specific technical skills. In practice, however, in many cases they are very expensive and their use can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Moreover, the user must take into account numerous limitations on what he can include in his application, depending on the functions of a given tool. Without the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience, you will not be able to fix any technical problems or modify individual options according to your preferences.

Entrusting the writing of web applications to specialists means that the final product will be fully tailored to the client`s needs and made according to his vision. Both in terms of available functions, as well as the visual layer and other key aspects. The company saves time and gains confidence that the project will be carried out professionally, with attention to the smallest details and in accordance with the best practices recommended in the industry.

What influences the choice of technology for creating applications web?

Writing web applications may require different technologies and methodologies, depending on, among other things, the type of application and exactly what functions it needs to have. Choosing the right solutions is crucial to ensuring application performance and security.

You don`t know which technology for creating web applications will be suitable for you? It`s not a problem. Our experts will help you choose the right solution after reviewing the company`s expectations and needs. We`ll walk you through your options and explain which ones are best for your situation and why.

Building web applications – in which industries will it be useful?

Building web applications will be used in most industries. It will also be useful for companies that provide their services or sell products stationary, in a limited area. The application can, for example, help potential customers familiarize themselves with the offer before using it, or plan the date of service delivery.

In addition to applications for customers, many companies also decide to create dedicated platforms for their employees, which are designed to improve work efficiency. Ready-made software for companies will not be equally effective in every niche, so sometimes a tailor-made solution is necessary.

Creating web applications - why is it worth it?

Currently, people who do not use the Internet are the exception, not the rule. We perform many operations online, from registering for a doctor`s appointment, through booking a hotel or a table in a restaurant, to grocery shopping. Investing in creating a web application for your business is necessary to meet customer requirements and not be overtaken by the competition.

The possibilities offered by modern technology allow you to include many different functions in the application, including: they will improve the quality of customer service, automate some tedious processes, speed up order fulfillment and help build the image of a modern, professional company. The options are almost limitless and what the final application will look like depends only on the entrepreneur`s budget and needs.

What are the risks of developing web applications?

Web applications may be a source of attacks from the so-called bad actors - especially those that store important information (e.g. personal and payment data of customers). Therefore, building web applications requires special care, knowledge and skills.

Security gaps or inappropriate data processing mechanisms are just a few examples of problems that may result from ignorance or lack of experience in creating web applications.That is why it is so important to use the services of an experienced programming company, which can boast an extensive portfolio and positive opinions from many existing clients, such as Develos.

Technology stack

See what technological web-stack we work with most oftens

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