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Dokumentacja projektowa it

IT Knowledge

Creating dedicated software

Tailor-made software guarantees security, scalability and efficiency. Save time and money with the support of experienced experts. Entrust the creation of dedicated software to the Develos team. Get ahead of the competition with innovative solutions created especially for you.

What is software?

Software is a set of instructions used by hardware, i.e. a computer, laptop, smartphone or other type of electronic device, to perform specific tasks.

Programs can be created for external use (for customers, business partners) or internal use (for employees). Some people decide to use ready-made, publicly available solutions (for free or after paying an appropriate fee), especially consumers, while others, mainly entrepreneurs, decide to create dedicated software .

The most important types of dedicated software

Dedicated software for companies can come in many forms and serve different purposes, depending on the circumstances. In terms of form, software offers great possibilities: although at first it is associated primarily with desktop programs, in practice it also means web and mobile applications.

Creating dedicated software sometimes involves preparing several versions of the same software for different platforms, so that users can, for example, use a web application in the office and a convenient mobile application during business trips.

What is software in practice? Key examples of software that is often "tailor-made" include all kinds of tools for managing the enterprise and its individual parts (e.g. HR programs, customer relationship management), as well as for project management.

Dedicated software for companies and ready-made solutions - comparison

By using dedicated software for companies , the entrepreneur obtains a solution fully tailored to his or her expectations. It is created according to the specifications established at the beginning of cooperation, taking into account the individual needs of the ordering party. It can later be developed and modified at his will.

In the case of ready-made solutions, users have much less room for maneuver. They receive programs of a more general nature, aimed at a larger audience. They often cannot modify them. Companies can approach developers with requests to add new features and develop existing ones, but there is no guarantee that they will be listened to.

They must also rely on external entities to solve technical problems and maintain software availability (in the case of programs that require contact with the developers' servers).

Why is it worth creating dedicated software?

The main advantage of dedicated software for companies is independence from external entities. It is the client who decides what, when and how will be implemented in his program, as well as to whom and under what conditions he will make it available. It can combine popular, common functionalities with completely new, unique tools that respond to specific needs and challenges encountered in its industry.

In the long run, creating dedicated software is also financially attractive. In fact, preparing your own software from scratch involves a certain investment (the amount of which depends, among others, on the level of software advancement), but we do not have to worry about the issue of license extension.

Nowadays, lifetime licenses are becoming less common, and more and more software is available on a subscription basis. The longer we use it, the higher the costs we will generate, and the fees may increase over time. In the case of its own software, there is no such problem, on the contrary - the company itself can offer it to others in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service).


Dedicated software from Develos means transparent, high-quality code, timely completion of assigned tasks and individual terms of cooperation.

Write or call to find out more!


When is it worth choosing dedicated software?

Knowing what dedicated software is and what its characteristics are, you can start to consider in which specific cases it will work best. This is a good option, especially for companies that have unique needs that are not met by solutions available on the market.

To create a dedicated solution This is also often chosen by entrepreneurs who want great control over the shape of the software, including the security features it offers (this may be of great importance, e.g. in the financial industry).

This is usually the domain of medium and large enterprises, due to higher requirements in terms of scalability and efficiency, but also a larger budget. Due to the large number of orders, contracts, employees and overall data, commercial solutions may turn out to be ineffective or excessively limiting.

The need to create dedicated software may arise in virtually any industry, regardless of the location and scope of the business. It applies not only to companies operating online, but also to those that focus on on-site services or stationary trade.

Creating dedicated software with Develos

Dedicated software for companies does not require an internal IT department. Instead, you can outsource its execution, implementation and maintenance to specialists. The renowned Develos software house will guide you step by step through the entire process of creating an optimal solution, fully tailored to the needs of your company.

We focus on innovative technologies and operating methodologies that translate into reliable, scalable and safe software. Our team includes a wide range of experienced experts with various specializations. We are not afraid of even the most demanding and unusual projects.

software , guided primarily by the principles of full transparency and an individual approach. We know that each client may have completely different needs and expectations, especially in the case of tailor-made software. We are always happy to discuss, advise and explain so that all aspects of the adopted specification leave no doubts.

Dedicated software for companies - step by step software creation process

the process of creating dedicated software with an in-depth consultation with the client and collecting the most important information about the project. Direct, honest communication is the key to avoiding misunderstandings and ensuring full compliance of the software with the client's expectations.

The collected data allows us to prepare an initial estimate for the preparation of a dedicated solution in the fixed-price model, i.e. for a predetermined amount. After finally determining the terms of cooperation, we proceed to signing the contract and starting work on the software. We make sure to regularly communicate the status of the work, so that the client is always up to date with the current status of the project.

After the positive completion of internal tests, we move on to the implementation stage in the client environment and acceptance tests. Their task is to confirm that the finished product complies with previously established requirements. We then deploy to the production environment, which means that the software will become available to end users.

software for companies does not end there - we also offer long-term technical support and assistance in further software development. We are characterized by a flexible approach that allows us to freely adapt to the needs of each client. Please contact us to discuss the details of cooperation!

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